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High Achievers, entrepreneurs and business owners are often struggling to achieve the level of success they have imagined for themselves.

There's usually common threads as to why this is the case for so many. Number one on the list is an individual's personal identity. Personal identity is how you view yourself and it is the most powerful indicator of how you're showing up in your life and business. 

Case in point: If you see yourself as a powerful influencer in your niche then that is exactly how you will show up in all of your endeavors. The result of that is that is exactly how people will perceive you too.

Conversely, if you're forever doubting your capabilities and ideas you will ultimately fall prey to procrastination, over thinking things and believing you're simply not ready yet then that is exactly what will keep you spinning your wheels and ultimately stuck in your tracks.

The bottom line is you will never outperform who you believe yourself to be. As painful as that may be it's simply the truth.

The GOOD NEWS however, is that your identity can be reclaimed and you absolutely can step into the identity of the successful leader and power-player you know you really are. This can all happen relatively quickly with commitment, discipline and consistency married with the right strategies. 

Recalibrating your identity by stepping into and owning your true potential is powerful and life-changing. 

Today we invite you to join us for a VERY POWERFUL experience that will have you completely plugged into your own true POWER. You will reunite with your unique purpose and truly know how to capture the giant within. This is for the leaders, the power-players and those who know they are here to make an enormous impact on the world and are more than ready to make it happen.
A Power Players Guide to Living Their Potential

The exact step-by-step strategy our community of High Achievers use to hack their old story to get immediate relief from financial stress, anxiety, and overwhelm… to produce up to 25% increased performance.

✅ How to master your PROSPERITY mindset and personal productivity even if you’re juggling several tasks at one time.

✅ How to use your existing tools to optimize your heart-brain connection to access a state of flow and make faster, clearer decisions with ease – and freeing up more hours per day as a result.

✅ How Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders remain totally calm, cool, and collected in high-pressure situations and produce outstanding results in their field...

✅ How to build confidence & resilience through one consistent approach. The real reason why no high-performer should EVER have to struggle with imposter syndrome and how to win back your time and energy while INCREASING respect and authority.

Accepting what you're given is the essence of scarcity, mediocrity and acceptance. Don’t lie to yourself, we have all been brainwashed to take what we get versus getting what we take.

2022 is the YEAR of upgrading your mindset, confidence, power, and momentum.

When you create a business or a power play that doesn’t stress you out, you can have it all, you just need MORE.

More Money
More Access
More Ease
More Love
More Time
More  . . . .

You don’t have to stay stuck or confused about how to fix things. At SELF-MADE, you will have access to MasterTeachers, Coaches, Mentors, and Entrepreneurs that are where you want to be.

Devon has become a growing star in the real estate residential and investment property areas.  He focuses on how to get new home owners in their first property without the craziness and confusion.

Working for a national broker has benefits and those benefits are what Devon uses to help people where they stand. Each of us has a mission and his mission is to see people feel the pride of owning something most people really want.

He doesn't stop there, Devon want those same folks to create more by investing in rental property or other assets that produce streams of income.
Deborah Corbin spent 20+ years in the field of Education. She started in Early Childhood as a Literacy Specialist and then moved on to the collegiate level working in Curriculum and Instruction. She spent many years leading Professional Development learning experiences for Educators. Her specialty was leading educators to become highly skilled at implementing research based curriculum and using it to inform quality learning experiences for optimal student learning.

She currently works as a Leadership and High-Performance Coach. She brings a broad-based understanding of human behavior and innovative leadership practices to lead individuals to execute from their highest potential. She specializes in mind-mastery techniques and strengthening personal competency and confidence. She holds herself and others to a level of peak performance and excellence.
The Dawn Johnson Experience (DJE) is a nationally sought-after LIFE and WELLNESS coaching resource headed up by Coach Dawn and her executive team. DJE provides genuine help, support, and healing so that women are empowered to lead healthier, happier lives with positive energy and joy.

Coach Dawn  works best one on one and in small groups to reframe the story and overcome the history in your head.  Each journey is unique and she and her team strive to help you flow into your healing.

Coach Dawn spent over 20 years in the big leagues ie. corporate America while caring for a family and office support team.  If you think of  super woman, you found her. She's just more super at creating an ease of flow while being amazing.

Derick Gant The 24K Money Coach is an American entrepreneur and investment advisor residing in Toledo Ohio. He invests in people, commodities, and communities. He has spent over 20 years helping people to shed the fat physically and mentally to become the best version of themselves. Delivering excellence at every level in order to live extraordinarily is the core of 24K Life. The 24k Life Code Book unveils the steps, principles, and habits necessary to live in an extraordinary way.

Derick is an elite partner that serious professionals need in their life & wallet. He  is on a mission to help well-paid professionals clean up their money madness so they can live the lives they deserve. With Derick, moneymakers are introduced to better cashflow skills, higher buying leverage, less debt, and more zeros in their bank accounts. Bigger than all of those is the power of what money can really provide; more time & freedom.

Marie Dunn currently the Social Media Manager for Cleveland State University, Marie has nearly 10 years experience with social media branding. She started at Bowling Green State University, building their social media presence from the ground up, and also served as an adjunct professor where she taught Viral Buzz Marketing, a class focused on branding and building a social media presence for entrepreneurs. She has also created content and guided two university presidents on building their own social media presence, helping them to become thought leaders in their industries.

Prior to working in social media, Marie spent nearly 20 years in television news, which gave her the experience building and creating interesting, visual and exciting content.

Marie will show you how to put your message out while staying true to your brand. People believe what they see, and Marie guides her clients on how to line up their image with their message for a much more effective delivery & clarity.

Marie works best with highly driven achievers that have a message to share with the world and questions on how to best deliver it.
Bobby should have been a comedian however he chose to become a network wizard in corporate America. After 20+ years in network sales, Bobby decided to create more personal security by adding additional streams of entrepreneurial income.

After much success, Bobby left the rat race and devoted all of his energy and efforts to running his own insurance company as a franchisee. Today, he is no longer a franchisee, he is now the franchisor.

Bobby delivers his amazing brand of excellence in the insurance business and by presenting in front of hundreds as a coach and speaker.